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Installation Notes

1、Case open and examination 
When the machine arrives, open the case carefully to avoid damaging the machine and check the accessories and fittings for integrity.

2、Environment requirements for installation
①The machine should be installed on the horizontal ground. The installation platform should not be vibratory. It should be made horizontal by water level to achieve the level degree lower than 2/1000mm. There should be some room around the machine for user’s operation, observation, and maintenance. 
②The machine cannot be installed in low and high temperature, moist and dusty circumstances.
③Welding, painting and other installation work should be finished before the machine arrival. The whole machine must be protected in the process of welding and painting.
④Upper rice feeding port should face the user‘s rice feeding pipeline and the pipeline should be equipped with flow adjusting apparatus and storage bin. Make sure the feeding pipeline should not fix on the machine’s rice hopper directly during installation and it should be fixed by other support, otherwise the output capacity will be reduced. 
⑤Color sorter must be connected to dust cleaning equipments. 
⑥Keep the machine away from strong electromagnetic field. To achieve this, the user should use well-grounded iron pipeline for rice transportation and air exhaustion. Plastic pipes or other nonmetal pipes are prohibited. 
⑦The input voltage of color sorter should be within 5%;it must be good grounded (2.5 square copper wire should be connected with the position of the machine ground wire, ground standard: underground 2.5M)

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