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Care and Maintainance

Warm Suggestion: Please do take care of your machine, in order to avoid unnecessary loss.

Product Maintainance:
1、Please check the machine before starting up.
2、Regularly check whether wiper can go in place to keep sorting chamber and optical glasses clean.
3、Regularly clean and inspect all the filter elements to prevent being blocked. Timely replacement should be done.
4、Regularly check whether light brightness is normal.
5、Regularly add lubricating oil into drive units, check tightness degree of belt and operating status of bearing.
6、Regularly drain the water in air compressor, air tank, and filters, adjust the draining interval according to humidity (once every 2 hours).
7、Clean away the dust and material on the chutes, hoppers and the sorting chamber after the shutdown.
8、Drain the water and air in the air compressor and air tank completely after each shutdown.
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