Quality Management
Quality Management

Quality Management

    Jiexun adheres to the principle of Quality and standard first. We focus on every detail of production quality and follow the extremely strict production standard, in order to continuously provide high quality color sorter to our cooperative partners.
    The company possesses the international advanced processing and testing equipments. There is a large number of high quality and level scientific research and development and management personnel. Jiexun has already set up one set of scientific quality management system and take the first lead in color sorting industry to get the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification. 
    The company takes the GB/T 19001-2000 idt ISO 9001:2000 quality management system as standard. We set up a complete quality management system based on the pursuit of quality, safety and environmental protection. Our company also obtained the quality management system certification awarded by Beijing Certification Center.
    The company sets up quality control department which directly under the leadership of the top management to carry out company quality policy and quality objectives, maintain ISO 9001 quality management system operating effectively, control product quality, continuously improve the quality of product and service. Meanwhile, the board of directors appointed a management representative to set up, carry out and maintain quality management system based on the requirement of GB/T 19001-2008 quality management system. This representative needs to report to general manager timely about operating situation of quality system; organize, coordinate and supervise the implementation of quality system; promote the formation of quality awareness of all employees to meet customer requirements. The representative also has the right to stop and correct the behavior which does not conform to regulations, organizes relevant departments to take corrective and preventive actions and verifies the validity of the results. 
    Jiexun always adheres to the quality policy”survive by quality and develop by innovation“for many years, strictly follows the requirement of GB/T 19001-2008 quality management system and standardizes the management. On the basis of full participation, the company realizes to effectively improve product quality and company’s quality objectives year by year.  We believe that “Professional team can create first-class quality management”, the company has organized 30 internal audit management personnel to audit the operation of GB/T 19001-2008 quality management system two times every year, supervise the implementation and improvement of each department in order to achieve perfect quality control. Certification Center supervises and audits the quality management system of our company every year to check the effectiveness of our company’s quality management system.
     The company pays special attention to the optimization of business process and continuously improves the process from customer information collection, conversion, processing to product independent research and development, purchasing, production, inspection, delivery and other aspects to reduce many unnecessary sectors and improve company’s overall operational efficiency and enhance company’s comprehensive competitiveness. We evaluate the adequacy, suitability and effectiveness of quality management system every year from many quality activities such as customer evaluation, supervision and audit by third party certification organization, internal audit to find problems or potential problems in time and implement appropriate corrective and preventive actions until these actions are verified.
    We always keep the commitment of providing best product quality to our cooperative partners. In order to achieve the higher level of product quality and further meet customer requirement, the company fully implements performance examine management system and comprehensively evaluates the working performance of staff to make them aware of their working situations and obtain the power to continuously improve their working achievements so that we can finally achieve our company’s  strategies and objective.
    It is a long-term commitment to improve the quality management level and quality assurance capability and it is also a long-term task to improve company’s quality management system. Jiexun will always insist to ensure the guarantee ability of product quality and maintain its own core competitiveness in order to keep in an invincible position during the fierce competition.



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